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2017-04-11 Sergiu Puscasfixed "Page 1 of 0" in job log master
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2016-04-07 Marius GavrilescuSort problem lists by value instead of level
2016-02-11 Marius GavrilescuFix links from contest jobs to problems
2016-01-31 SergiuAdd Rust, Julia, Brainfuck, PHP, OCaml and D
2015-12-17 Marius GavrilescuUpdate bootswatch to 3.3.6 (no CSS changes)
2015-12-08 Marius GavrilescuAutostart/autostop contests via s-maxage
2015-12-07 Marius GavrilescuFix problem list display during contest
2015-12-07 Marius GavrilescuSort problems correctly in Standings header
2015-08-13 Marius GavrilescuAdd a very basic test nodbic
2015-08-13 Marius GavrilescuRename Job list to Job log
2015-08-13 Marius GavrilescuUse a single table on /pb/ and /ct/
2015-08-13 Marius GavrilescuDon't use <h4>
2015-08-13 Marius GavrilescuUpdate for new Gruntmaster::Data
2015-08-12 Marius GavrilescuUpdate for the new Gruntmaster::Data
2015-08-12 Marius GavrilescuRemove cansubmit/nosubmit
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