2013-08-25 PetruAdds title date and time to alarm layout master
2013-08-25 PetruRemoves repeat layout. Format date now works correctly
2013-08-22 PetruBugfix
2013-08-22 Marius GavrilescuFix small bug
2013-08-22 Marius GavrilescuRemove some files
2013-08-22 PetruBugfix + changes the delete icon with cancel icon
2013-08-22 PetruDate and time pickers are now set correctly
2013-08-22 PetruSome improvements
2013-08-21 Marius GavrilescuBetter display event menu
2013-08-21 Marius GavrilescuBetter DisplayEventActivity
2013-08-21 Marius GavrilescuBetter positioning in event_row_layout
2013-08-21 Marius GavrilescuBetter date/time formatting
2013-08-21 Marius GavrilescuAdd, show and remove alarms
2013-08-20 PetruAdd alarm wip
2013-08-19 PetruAdd alarm wip
2013-08-19 PetruMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-08-19 PetruAdd alarm wip
2013-08-19 Marius GavrilescuAdd untested getAlarmsByEvent function
2013-08-16 PetruUse update instead of delete + insert
2013-08-16 Marius GavrilescuRefresh DisplayEventActivity in onStart
2013-08-15 Marius GavrilescuFix finish after deletion
2013-08-15 PetruWork on delete event to finish activity
2013-08-15 Marius GavrilescuFix AddEventActivity
2013-08-15 PetruNow events are added to calendar. Edit also works now
2013-08-15 PetruAddEvent - creates calendar if it doesn't exist
2013-08-15 PetruChanges tabbed layout for adding events into single...
2013-08-14 PetruEdit event. Time now shows propperly
2013-08-14 Marius GavrilescuMake pickers start at the displayed value
2013-08-14 Marius GavrilescuClean up and try to fix edit bug
2013-08-14 Marius GavrilescuClean up and go back to replace instead of add/attach...
2013-08-14 Marius GavrilescuFix previous commit
2013-08-14 Marius GavrilescuClean up EventListActivity
2013-08-13 Marius GavrilescuReplace new event button with no-op add alarm button
2013-08-13 PetruEdit event. Fragment no longer takes arguments in const...
2013-08-13 PetruEdit event. work in progress[3]
2013-08-13 Marius GavrilescuClean up
2013-08-13 PetruEdit event. work in progress[2]
2013-08-13 Marius GavrilescuFix previous commit
2013-08-13 Marius GavrilescuAdd (untested) alarm backend
2013-08-13 PetruEdit event. work in progress
2013-08-13 Marius GavrilescuBump target to android-18
2013-07-15 PetruAdd event. work in progress[2]
2013-07-15 PetruAdd event. work in progress[2]
2013-07-15 PetruRemoves final atribute from Event fields. Fixes a bug...
2013-07-14 Marius GavrilescuRevert commit 245dbc0190839dac5210a2779bd9061636e1d383.
2013-07-14 Marius GavrilescuContinue previous commit
2013-07-14 PetruAdds method to get information from add event layout...
2013-07-11 Marius GavrilescuDo some voodoo to fix crash
2013-06-18 Marius GavrilescuClean up previous commit
2013-06-18 Petru TrimbitasAdd function to add alarm
2013-06-17 Petru TrimbitasAdd alarm to events. work in progress
2013-06-15 Petru TrimbitasMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ieval.ro/srv/git/unical
2013-06-15 Marius GavrilescuContinue work on the basic tab
2013-06-15 Petru TrimbitasAdd refresh to event_list
2013-06-15 Marius GavrilescuClean up
2013-06-15 Petru TrimbitasDelete Event now works
2013-06-13 Petru TrimbitasAdd description to event_view
2013-06-13 Marius GavrilescuClean up
2013-06-13 Petru TrimbitasUpdate add_event_other
2013-06-13 Marius GavrilescuFix date/time formats in AddEventActivity
2013-06-13 Petru TrimbitasAdd event work in progress
2013-06-13 Petru Trimbitasadd event work in progress
2013-06-12 Petru TrimbitasOn switch change the views in the repeat layout change
2013-06-12 Marius GavrilescuAdd setEnabledRecursively utility function
2013-06-12 Marius GavrilescuDrop extraneous files
2013-06-12 Marius GavrilescuFinish second-to-last commit
2013-06-12 Marius GavrilescuRemove trailing whitespace
2013-06-12 Petru TrimbitasAdd event basic tab. work in progress
2013-06-12 Petru Trimbitasadds improvements to add event basic info
2013-06-12 Marius GavrilescuFinish DateTime picking and clean up
2013-06-12 Marius GavrilescuChange EditTexts to TextViews
2013-06-12 Marius GavrilescuEnable PMD
2013-06-12 Petru Trimbitasinterface to add event work in progress + facebook sdk
2013-06-11 Petru TrimbitasDate and time picker. Work in progress
2013-06-11 Marius GavrilescuRemove database classes, ic_launcher-web and more cleanups
2013-06-11 Marius GavrilescuUse arguments for TrivialFragment
2013-06-11 Marius GavrilescuClean up previous commit
2013-06-11 Petru Trimbitasadds beautiful interface for adding events
2013-06-11 Petru TrimbitasDay of week now displays correctly in event_view. Remov...
2013-06-10 Marius GavrilescuClean up previous commit and tabify source files
2013-06-10 Petru TrimbitasListView now displays the first event that isn't finished
2013-06-10 Petru TrimbitasAdds new event_view layout wich looks better. Still...
2013-06-09 Petru TrimbitasImprove event_row_layout
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuDefault eventColour to the calendar colour
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuFix the previous commit
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuClean up
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuRemove EventRowContainer and add colour to the event...
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuDelete EventComparator
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuAdd colour to Calendar
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuRename GCalendar back to Calendar and remove some unuse...
2013-06-09 Petru Trimbitasadd tiny bar on the event list`
2013-06-09 Petru TrimbitasReplace scroll view with list view
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuCleanup previous commit
2013-06-09 Petru TrimbitasDisplay event if the button is clicked
2013-06-09 Petru TrimbitasAdd Activity to display a list of events
2013-06-09 Petru TrimbitasAdd EventComparator
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuOverall cleanup
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuClean up previous commit
2013-06-09 Petru TrimbitasAdd function to return all events from calendar
2013-06-09 Marius GavrilescuFix the three get functions
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