Do not fork/exec in gruntmaster-compile
[gruntmaster-daemon.git] / gruntmaster-exec
2015-02-06 Marius GavrilescuReturn NZX for return codes above 128+32
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuIncrease RLIMIT_NPROC to 15 to appease Java
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuPrint debug information in gruntmaster-exec only when...
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuDisable mlimit when running under sudo
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuOnly run "untrusted" programs under sudo
2015-02-02 Marius GavrilescuAdd support for sudo
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuLimit user programs to one process
2015-01-27 Marius GavrilescuRun user programs as nobody:nogroup
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuAdd a --no-close argument to gruntmaster-exec
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuDrop privileges in gruntmaster-exec if possible
2015-01-19 Marius GavrilescuMove some code to gruntmaster-exec
2015-01-10 Marius GavrilescuKeep $ENV{HOME} in gruntmaster-exec
2014-02-03 Marius GavrilescuUpdate POD
2014-01-28 Marius GavrilescuPass HOME environment variable to jobs. Python needs it.
2014-01-25 Marius GavrilescuClear environment (except for PATH) and add ONLINE_JUDGE=1
2013-12-01 Marius GavrilescuMove the compile and execute logic to standalone scripts
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