2022-04-17 Petru TrimbitasAdd javascript master
2022-04-17 Petru TrimbitasSome test fixing on os x
2022-04-17 Marius GavrilescuSmall fixes for previous commit
2022-04-17 andreisamoila74Add test for SendResults
2022-04-17 AndreiTocuSend POST request to remote address with job result
2017-04-13 Marius GavrilescuFix purging of standings
2016-02-11 Marius GavrilescuFix D and Ocaml compilers
2016-02-11 Marius GavrilescuAdd Python 3
2016-02-11 Marius GavrilescuCompute user program executon time instead of full...
2016-02-10 Marius GavrilescuSupport input for interactive problem verifiers
2016-02-04 Marius GavrilescuAdd Oberon
2016-01-31 Marius GavrilescuUpdate MANIFEST
2016-01-23 SergiuAdd D
2016-01-23 SergiuRemove mono/prog.exe
2016-01-23 SergiuMake python refer to python2.7 explicitly
2016-01-23 SergiuAdd OCaml
2016-01-23 SergiuAdd PHP
2016-01-23 SergiuAdd Brainfuck
2016-01-23 SergiuAdd Julia
2016-01-23 SergiuAdd Rust
2015-10-31 Marius GavrilescuBump version and update Changes nodbic 5999.000_005
2015-10-31 Marius GavrilescuUpdate MANIFEST
2015-10-31 Marius GavrilescuMake perlcritic happy
2015-09-28 Marius GavrilescuRemove problem_full as it does not exist anymore
2015-09-28 Marius GavrilescuUse dbinit instead of Gruntmaster::Data::init
2015-09-28 Marius GavrilescuUse new Gruntmaster::Data
2015-08-05 Marius GavrilescuFix VM usage and update ex/runvm
2015-08-05 Marius GavrilescuImprove Interactive runner
2015-07-29 Marius GavrilescuPut /dev/ttyS1 into raw mode in ex/makevm
2015-07-29 Marius GavrilescuTest pipes when running interactive programs before...
2015-07-29 Marius GavrilescuStart gruntmaster-exec alarm just before exec
2015-05-08 Marius GavrilescuAdd an optional compilation cache
2015-05-07 Marius GavrilescuDo not depend on bash logout and pass -n to poweroff...
2015-04-27 Marius GavrilescuEnable binfmt_misc and do not use fstab
2015-04-27 Marius GavrilescuFix previous commit
2015-04-27 Marius GavrilescuMount /proc in VM and fix warning
2015-04-27 Marius GavrilescuAdd ruby and sbcl packages
2015-04-27 Marius GavrilescuAlso mount /tmp as tmpfs in VM
2015-04-27 Marius GavrilescuImprove VM support
2015-04-10 Marius GavrilescuDefault Verifier/Interactive result to 'Ok'
2015-03-25 Marius GavrilescuOnly use pretests when contests are running
2015-03-22 Marius GavrilescuAdd GolfScript
2015-03-16 Marius GavrilescuAdd limit overrides
2015-03-11 Marius GavrilescuInclude verifier stdout in non-Accepted results
2015-03-11 Marius GavrilescuIgnore SIGPIPE *only* for user programs
2015-03-11 Marius GavrilescuDo not ignore SIGPIPE for user programs
2015-03-10 Marius GavrilescuDo not use removed functions
2015-03-09 Marius GavrilescuFix 'requires multiple processes' check in test suite
2015-03-09 Marius GavrilescuAdd ruby test
2015-03-09 Marius GavrilescuAdd ruby
2015-03-08 Marius GavrilescuSet oom_score_adj to 900 in gruntmaster-exec
2015-02-14 Marius GavrilescuTreat SBCL files as scripts
2015-02-14 Marius GavrilescuAdd SBCL
2015-02-14 Marius GavrilescuAlso remove unused File::Basename
2015-02-14 Marius GavrilescuRemove useless constant PAGE_SIZE
2015-02-14 Marius GavrilescuAdd pretest support (untested)
2015-02-11 Marius GavrilescuAdd -lm to C and CPP compilation commands
2015-02-09 Marius GavrilescuRe-add multiple daemon support
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuImprove test names
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuFix undef warning during testing
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuSkip JAVA/GOLANG/GCCGO if sudo is not used and improve...
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuRename --no-close to --keep-stderr and make it only...
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuMake perlcritic only look in lib (to avoid checking...
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuSplit database-related work from process to another sub
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuDon't check mkrun_runner arguments for definedness...
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuAdd some uncoverable directives
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuAdd some tests with invalid jobs
2015-02-08 Marius GavrilescuGet rid of safe_can_nodie
2015-02-07 Marius GavrilescuAllow java jobs to have multiple classes
2015-02-07 Marius GavrilescuRename the --nobody argument to --sudo
2015-02-07 Marius GavrilescuUse sudo in VM
2015-02-07 Marius GavrilescuUpdate default timeout to 10 seconds
2015-02-07 Marius GavrilescuDo not fork/exec in gruntmaster-compile
2015-02-07 Marius GavrilescuRemove -fabi-version from g++ compile command
2015-02-06 Marius GavrilescuUse problem->is_private instead of problem->private
2015-02-06 Marius GavrilescuReturn NZX for return codes above 128+32
2015-02-05 Marius GavrilescuUpdate test suite for previous commit
2015-02-05 Marius GavrilescuAdd an explanation to compile errors
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuPrevent extraneous empty lines in compiler output
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuIncrease RLIMIT_NPROC to 15 to appease Java
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuPrint debug information in gruntmaster-exec only when...
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuDisable mlimit when running under sudo
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuMake sure work directory is world-searchable
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuOnly run "untrusted" programs under sudo
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuSupport passing arguments to programs in
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuFix generator for square test problem
2015-02-02 Marius GavrilescuAdd support for sudo
2015-02-02 Marius GavrilescuPass --no-close to gruntmaster-exec when TEST_VERBOSE...
2015-02-02 Marius GavrilescuMark memory limit exceeded test as TODO
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuConnect to $ENV{GRUNTMASTER_DSN} if defined
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuLimit user programs to one process
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuAlways compile to $basename
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuRename testing tempdir
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuUse getcwd instead of cwd
2015-01-27 Marius GavrilescuSwitch to YAML::Tiny in tests
2015-01-27 Marius GavrilescuRun user programs as nobody:nogroup
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuAdd hello world tests for all languages (enabled when...
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuInclude fpc in package list in ex/vm.conf
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuMount /proc inside chroot in ex/makevm to fix openjdk...
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuMake gruntmaster-compile fail if it cannot exec the...
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