2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuPrevent extraneous empty lines in compiler output
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuIncrease RLIMIT_NPROC to 15 to appease Java
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuPrint debug information in gruntmaster-exec only when...
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuDisable mlimit when running under sudo
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuMake sure work directory is world-searchable
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuOnly run "untrusted" programs under sudo
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuSupport passing arguments to programs in
2015-02-03 Marius GavrilescuFix generator for square test problem
2015-02-02 Marius GavrilescuAdd support for sudo
2015-02-02 Marius GavrilescuPass --no-close to gruntmaster-exec when TEST_VERBOSE...
2015-02-02 Marius GavrilescuMark memory limit exceeded test as TODO
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuConnect to $ENV{GRUNTMASTER_DSN} if defined
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuLimit user programs to one process
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuAlways compile to $basename
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuRename testing tempdir
2015-01-30 Marius GavrilescuUse getcwd instead of cwd
2015-01-27 Marius GavrilescuSwitch to YAML::Tiny in tests
2015-01-27 Marius GavrilescuRun user programs as nobody:nogroup
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuAdd hello world tests for all languages (enabled when...
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuInclude fpc in package list in ex/vm.conf
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuMount /proc inside chroot in ex/makevm to fix openjdk...
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuMake gruntmaster-compile fail if it cannot exec the...
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuConvert all test programs from CPP to C
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuRemove purges (as they are now unnecessary)
2015-01-25 Marius GavrilescuMount a tmpfs at /tmp in ex/makevm to appease ghc
2015-01-24 Marius GavrilescuOnly update problem statuses for non-private problems
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuChange gruntmaster-exec setuid user/group in ex/makevm
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuImport purge from Gruntmaster::Data
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuSet umask to 0022 in tests
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuUse install instead of cp to ensure 0755 perms in makevm
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuUpdate package list in vm.conf
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuFix makevm
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuMake test tempdir world-writable
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuPrepend cwd to PATH instead of appending it in t/01...
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuAlso trace commands executed outside VM
2015-01-23 Marius GavrilescuAdd a --no-close argument to gruntmaster-exec
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuMove vm scripts to ex/
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuUpdate MANIFEST
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuAdd perlcritic test and make code comply
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuIncrease time limit of increment test problem
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuFix test problem names
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuAdd virtual machine support
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuDrop privileges in gruntmaster-exec if possible
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuDo not load Gruntmaster::Data if not needed
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuImprove test directory naming
2015-01-22 Marius GavrilescuRename t/problems/increment/int.cpp to ver.cpp
2015-01-19 Marius GavrilescuMove some code to gruntmaster-exec
2015-01-10 Marius GavrilescuFix test failure introduced several commits ago
2015-01-10 Marius GavrilescuSet test log level to TRACE when TEST_VERBOSE is true
2015-01-10 Marius GavrilescuKeep $ENV{HOME} in gruntmaster-exec
2014-12-19 Marius GavrilescuFix keys/values on reference experimental warnings
2014-12-19 Marius GavrilescuUpdate cache purging, drop LWP dependency
2014-12-19 Marius GavrilescuUpdate problem_statuses after job
2014-06-28 Marius GavrilescuBump version and update Changes 5999.000_004
2014-06-28 Marius GavrilescuUpdate gruntmaster-compile documentation
2014-05-26 Marius GavrilescuAdd formats GCCGO, GOLANG, HASKELL
2014-05-06 Marius GavrilescuDo not crash on compile errors
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuBump version and update Changes 5999.000_003
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuUpdate MANIFEST
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuRemove t/
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuUpdate PREREQ_PM/BUILD_REQUIRES
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuReindent Makefile.PL
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuFix tests
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuUse ne instead of != for strings
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuReindent t/01-jobs.t
2014-04-23 Marius GavrilescuUpdate documentation
2014-04-21 Marius GavrilescuAvoid zombies on TLE in interactive problems
2014-04-21 Marius GavrilescuEnforce time limit for interactive verifiers
2014-04-21 Marius GavrilescuUse waitpid instead of wait in
2014-04-21 Marius GavrilescuUnlink fifo1 & fifo2 after each test
2014-04-11 Marius GavrilescuPass the test number to the interactive verifier
2014-04-09 Marius GavrilescuPurge integer pages in
2014-04-09 Marius GavrilescuTrace programs runned in
2014-04-09 Marius GavrilescuFix previous commit
2014-04-09 Marius GavrilescuIgnore SIGPIPE in
2014-04-09 Marius GavrilescuReplace int -> ver in
2014-04-04 Marius GavrilescuMake non-C++ verifiers work
2014-03-27 Marius GavrilescuFix purge
2014-03-27 Marius GavrilescuAdd trace to purges
2014-03-27 Marius GavrilescuFix verifier
2014-03-26 Marius GavrilescuNormalize outputs correctly in Runner::File
2014-03-24 Marius GavrilescuUpdate gruntmasterd to use postgres
2014-03-21 Marius GavrilescuUpdate indentation
2014-02-28 Marius GavrilescuBump version number and update Changes 5999.000_002
2014-02-27 Marius GavrilescuDo not pass -n to fpc
2014-02-27 Marius GavrilescuFix running java/perl/python programs with arguments
2014-02-27 Marius GavrilescuPass test number as argument to verifier
2014-02-11 Marius GavrilescuLet gruntmasterd_t connect to DNS and HTTP
2014-02-10 Marius GavrilescuAdd contest support to filesystem infiles/okfiles
2014-02-10 Marius GavrilescuSupport getting infiles/okfiles from the filesystem
2014-02-09 Marius GavrilescuSupport problem parameters outside meta
2014-02-08 Marius GavrilescuSupport multiple space-separated purge hosts
2014-02-08 Marius GavrilescuFix recording of compile errors
2014-02-06 Marius GavrilescuSupport new purge interface
2014-02-03 Marius GavrilescuUpdate Changes 5999.000_001
2014-02-03 Marius GavrilescuAdd COPYING to MANIFEST
2014-02-03 Marius GavrilescuFix POD error in Gruntmaster::Daemon::Runnner::File
2014-02-03 Marius GavrilescuUpdate gruntmaster-compile behaviour to match POD
2014-02-03 Marius GavrilescuUpdate POD
2014-02-03 Marius GavrilescuAdd repository to META.yml
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